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About Us

Truong Internet Services is a full service Internet Service Provider established in 2003 The Netherlands.
Our team of professionals has over 10+ years of webhosting experience.
We use our own infrastructure with the best equipment and therefor we can provide you the best service and support.
you can contact us on msn icq mail or even on phone.

Our team of 3 full time engineers is always 24x7 reachable in case of emergencies.
If you have problems you can just mail or call your sales manager or technician.

We are hosted at diferent datacenters like euNetworks, Datahouse and TeleCityGroup
For connectivity we use multiple network providers Like Netrouting and NTT.
For our hosting platform we use virtualisation software like KVM and XEN.

For each costumer we can provider different Service Level Agreements if you need it.
Our Network infra is build up by Brocade Networks or Cisco Catalyst which are fully redundant we have double uplinks
to our uplink providers; the internet backbones all our machines are connected to switches which are capable of 1/10Gbe>

We provide you and your costumers the best backup system: daily and weekly backup service for
mission critical data safety. All data is stored on raid 5 sysems we have multiple backups systems in load ballanced arrays.
Our backup infra is build on Netapp and EMC storage clusters.

If you need any more information just mail us sales at truongis dot com
We will answer your questions within 24 hours.